Hi today I’m going to show you my DIY  hot water shower it uses a 2.5 gallon  water container with some flexible holes  for the actual showerhead and inside is  a 400 percent conversion heats up now  this is just going to be a quick  overview video and if people like you I  can do a follow up video witness details  here you can see the wiring for the  immersion heater I have a circuit  breaker here which turns the heat on and  off comes along here over here up here  then into the shower  here’s a quick demo of the water heater  yeah actually gets water so hot so  quickly that it starts to steam up the  camera lens so the first step is to turn  on the faucet which will fill this up  into where overflows  once water flows you know they talk to  the top I also have this stick in which  is mine into certain points in this we  know how much water is left inside here  obviously my teaching moment this is  good.

So my immersion beaten so what I have to  do now is turn that on for four minutes  this is a 2.5 gallon poutine it takes  three or four minutes to get to a really  hot night shell  one thing I did add is this little and  stirring stick just made of plastic  because as the Rooter gets hotter the  hot water rises to the top one whole  bunch of stuff in the bottom so I just  highly dislike a mix you have different  programs with my hand in there after the  four minutes has passed and I turn off  the breaker switch I’m ready to show and  you just start and stop it by removing  this  that’s nice Hawkinson Jules stop it  this one like this you just have shown  us so you shampoo them from the pen and  ink to new again  DS incubator you can tell how long we’ve  got left based on this water pipe  regionals Mattamy lowers as you ER MDR  water so I hope you enjoyed video please  remember to give a thumbs up and  subscribe.