Welcome to shower spares TV so today  we’re going to talk about electric  showers and why they may leak internally  but before we do any of that we  obviously need to make sure that the  electricity is isolated you should have  in your bathroom a pool called switch to  isolate the shower,

But this does not make it safe you still need to go to your fuse board and turn off the fuse it  should be a separate fuse before you  attempt to even take off the cover this  show so now you’ve isolated the  electricity and everything you’ve made sure everything is safe to work on remove the cover of the shower and the most common cause of the shower leaking  internally is what we call a pressure relief device this on this particular  shower it’s situated on the outlet pipe down here and secured with two screws  water would come out of this section  here and it blows a little rubber ball  right because the pressure is built up  in the tank couldn’t get out of  the handset quick enough and it’s  released the pressure through there so we’re going to replace.

the PRD I’ve also  isolated the mains water to this shower  just to be on the safe side so like I  said it’s held in by two Phillips screws  so remove the PRD these are available  from sharpers comm on the link below and  then now we need to get the new PID and  replace it this is the new PR D it comes  with an o-ring place the o-ring inside  the outlet pipe fit the PRD just a  little bit of force required to push it  in and then attach it with the two  screws so that’s the PRD replaced in  this shower now but don’t forget there’s  a reason why that PRD is activated in  the first place which takes me back to  one of the main reasons is a block to  shower handset or a kinked hose if your  shower handset block don’t forget you  can get a disc Aylor  to soak the handset in  we sell out on shoppers calm.